Another Open Letter from James Tomez

June 24, 2008 at 3:57 pm Leave a comment

I nearly choked on my meatballs when I collected the newspaper from my doorstep this morning. There on the front page with his usual deadpan expression is our Wong. I remembered asking myself before I proceeded to read the article in full details, what on earth did the fucker do this time round. Well apparently, our Home Team has scored yet another “own goal” by allowing a man with a wrong passport to clear several layers of security at the airport before boarding the plane bound for Ho Chi Minh City. I was like, what the fuck! Again? As if letting our no. 1 terrorist absconded and 2 inmates briefly escaped from custody were not enough, the Home Team deemed it fit to add another to make up a threesome. What the fuck is going on Wong? Are you guys currently the David Villa of screw ups. Are the various agencies having some sort of competition to see who can screw it up bigger, better and more hilarious than the others? Wong, saying you are appalled and flabbergasted are not enough. I myself was appalled and flabbergasted when my GP diagnosed me with erectile dysfunction. But did the fact absolve me from my responsibility towards procreation as dictated by my religion? No Wong no. In my case, I took full responsibility. I divorced my wife. Who am I to deny her the chance to experience the joy of pregnancy albeit by another man. Likewise, who are you to deny another capable person from taking over from you after a hat-trick of screwed ups by your ministry under your stewardship. Sometimes it takes a man to admit he fucked it up big time. Sometimes, a midget. But regardless of shapes and sizes, Wong, it’s time for you to step up to the plate, and took full responsibility for all the ineptitude as displayed by your men. While you are at it, it doesn’t hurt to offer a formal apology and knowing you as a jerk who’s totally oblivious and clueless about showing any remorse, here’s a video to help you out. Pay special attention to DOGE-FUSE.


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An Open Letter From James Tomez Money-Face with Richie Ong

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