Lian Huay and Her Babblings

January 29, 2007 at 3:00 pm 2 comments


I simply is very devastated now. Just receive a sms from Michelle that my idol 瑋倫 xu-wei-lun.jpg has passed away. Why? Why is it in most accident, it’s always the passengers that got killed and not the cheebye driver responsible.

Seriously, I don’t think I will give a hoot if any of the mediacorp stars kena accident and got killed. They I don’t know lah maybe they are on a different level, a much low class level when compare to overseas celebrities. That’s why I dun feel for them.

Anyway, Michelle told me that life very unpredictable wan, we must always seize the day and live each one as if it’s our last. Yah seize the day. How many times have we heard this before. After Sept 11, after the Tsunami? People said then one week later forgot about it. They went back to toil their lives as robots again. I tell you, not anyone can just seize the day wan loh. Those who keep preaching it most often has very comfortable and ideal family background to begin with. Either they are sibeh rich or have no burdens in their lives. You think if I got a bedridden parent and mountain of bills to pay I can just go off and seize the day meh. Mai make me laugh lah. I remember watching this show on channel 8 about this man who gave up his rich job as a banker to do don’t know wat charity and travel shit becos he said he want to seize the day. Damn hao lian the asshole. he kept saying he dun understand why everyone like working like a robot everyday. Seize the day! Seize the day! He keep repeating. Fuck you lah botak. You like to seize so much seize your own dick lah. Imagine if everyone seize the day, do you think you can just go down Newton circus at 1 am and order a plate of kway teow to eat? No loh! Everyone is out seizing the day mah where got time to fry kway teow for you. Where got time to fly you to Vietnam to do your backpacking travel shit. Please lah stop your “I’m different from the rest” almighty attitude. The only thing differnt about him is that he’s much uglier than the average person. Serious dun believe go and catch the show. maybe got a repeat. I think it’s Tuesday report.

I very long time not this sad liao. The last time was when my Ah Pa passed away from cancer when i was 7. I remember I cry alot and my Ah Bu came over and said “Lian Huay, why don’t you write Ah Pa a letter and send it to him way up there but dun forget to stick a stamp ok.” and I gong gong believe my Ah Bu. But hor that expereince of writing to him did cheer me up a bit. I never thought as a 7 years old girl I can write so much loh but write I did, all 10 pages of it. Pretty amazing load of craps from a 7 years hor, dun you think?




Hello 瑋倫, how are you?
How is it over your end?
Does it have white fluffy clouds and clear blue skies like they show it on TV?
Or does it resemble down here with rainbows, white beaches and beautiful flowers lining out
as far as the eyes can see?
If only I could grow a pair of angel wings and join you
as you fly past the many layers of clouds and cast your beautiful gaze down upon us
observing and spreading your love as you go along
Dun faze, dun fret, dun worry
cos we are okay
And maybe one day just maybe
we could link up and soar in formation
just like mother goose and her goslings


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Lian Huay and Her Babblings Boon Teck – The Patriotic Singaporean Speaks Out

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  • 1. Sibeh Sian  |  January 31, 2007 at 2:24 am

    Come come Lian Huay, don’t be so sad sad, I give you hug hug :D

  • 2. naeboo  |  February 1, 2007 at 12:43 am

    all this while i tot of u as a boy worrr.. u girl last time meh??

    and now what??


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