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Yo yo yo, in conjunction with the Gahmen plan to create a more vibrant and diverse landscape in Singapore, the very first Singapore Hip Hop Awards was held recently at the Singapore Indoor Stadium attracting the who’s who of the local hip hop community. It was a night of exhilarating performances and emotional highs for everyone involved and Cheeky Times was fortunate to be there to capture every bit of it. Today we profile some of the winners and up and coming hip hop artistes practising their crafts in


Alias: Baey Ver 2.0
Awards won: Best use of vulgarities in an original composition
Bio: Baey ver 2.0 has certainly come a long way since his days as ver 1.0. A protege of legendary hip hop master Jesse “Jackass” Chua, Baey ver 2.0 arrived with huge expectation placed on him when he first entered the scene and he didn’t disappoint. His debut album I ain’t no pussy sold a staggering 500 copies on the pirated market when it was launched prompting premier hip-hop magazine “Yo Man!” to proclaim him the next big thing in hip-hop. Currently in the midst of preparing his third album, Baey ver 2.0 let out that he is taking a new approach in his latest project and fans can expect an edgier and controversial album when it is release and boy can we hardly wait.


Alias: Datuk Q
Awards won: Best Male Performance in Lip Synching
Bio: After 2 failed attempts at Singapore Idol and Anugareh, Datuk Q realised that mumbling incoherently is much easier than singing and thus his foray into the hip-hop world. Was languishing in the doldrums for two years before the Knock Knock Song finally propel this former bouncer to the A-List. Comprising of only five lines, the simple song’s massive success has confounded critics till today. However the infectious tune has clearly found willing ears among the thousand of teens in Singapore resulting in the Knock Knock Song becoming the top selling song on iTunes for the month of January 2005. For his next album, Datuk Q promises his fans that his follow up song to the Knock Knock Song will be catchier and even simpler comprising of only 3 lines.


The Knock Knock Song

Knock Knock
Who’s there
Hand over your money
Hand over your money who
Fuck You! Hand over your money, This is a stickup







Alias: Eve
Awards Won: None
Bio: A widely popular artiste among teenage girls, Eve was one of the few getai singers to make a successful transition to the hip hop world. Her blend of pop and hip hop music has critics lambasting her left right centre the first time her songs hit the air wave but this pesky gal stood her ground and was rewarded for it. Her first album I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman reached titanium in just 3 weeks after its release and the title track was covered by numerous singers including one Miss Spears all over the music world. Her follow up album I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman . . . Not Just Yet repeat the success of the first one by staying on the Hip Hop Chart for a record 42 weeks! Was labelled by “Yo Man!” sister magazine “Yo Girl!” as the (yawn) next big thing in hip hop as well as the artiste most likely to win the first grammy for an Asian hip hop artiste, Eve has clearly shown she is going in all the right places. Her third album Finally A Woman . . .Phew! is scheduled to hit the store in late March 2007.


Alias: Queen Faridah
Awards won: Most comprehensive use of a swear word in an original composition
Bio: A woman activist cum hip hop artiste, Queen Faridah has been channelling all her ideologies and beliefs into her songs for more than a decade now and is widely respected by feminists all over the world. Her songs are often characterise by angry lyrics, swear words and a strong disdain towards the chauvinistic world. Her most iconic song Hey You, Who’cha Calling A Bitch! composed 10 years ago is still used by feminists movements in every major cities till today suggesting the song lasting appeal. Although the Queen has been out of the scene for a few years now, the rumours buzzing in all the main butch forums on the internet indicate that she is planning a world wide tour starting next year with the first stop being Singapore. Rumours or not, Queen Faridah has certainly not lost her charm on her fans after all these years judging by the maniac responses seen on the forums.



Hey You, Who’cha Calling A Bitch

Hey you
Yes you
Who’cha calling a bitch
Come here
Come here I want to talk to you
Fuck you
Fuck you understand
And you
Yes you
Who’cha calling a bitch
Fuck you
Fuck you all understand
Fuck you fuck you fuck you (chorus x 3)





Alias: Siao Lang (Crazy person)
Awards won: Most promising artiste in an unamed category
Bio: Singapore very first hokkien hip hop artiste and often refer to as the common man’s singer.
Having grown up in the desolute slum of Potong Pasir not only embedded Siao Lang with a strong sense of injustice but the experience also provided him with a rich source of materials for his songs. His break out song Wa Mai Ni Eh Koh Lian (I don’t want your pity) was downloaded illegally 5000 times in less than 2 hours by netizens who could clearly connect with what the song is trying to convey, that of despair and disillusionment. In fact the song struck a chord with so many people, it has been translated and sung in over 25 different languages including punjabi. In recent years, Siao Lang has taken an interest in politics and has been seen in the Gahmen’s tea session on numerous occasion . . . usually self invited. However he has not forgotten where his roots lies with his record company revealing that Siao Lang is currently in the midst of preparing his second album due to be out in February 2007 and in preparation for a solo concert.


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    cheeky’s back!! yeah!!!

    by the way, that teo ser luck in my mp area….


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