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Yesterday Encik Rahim jio me go watch Brokeback Mountain. At first I very happy because free wat. I though it is some action movie but turn out to be some gay cowboys. Fuck you Rahim.What to do, I sleep during the movie but that Rahim seemed to be enjoying it. Actually lim peh have no problem with gays. If you want to suck cock and fuck backside, go ahead but you leave mine alone. However, when it comes to gays and the army, you have to draw a line. You just cannot have gays in combat duties. Clerks yes, but combat cannot. I not anyhow say but from experience.

A few years ago, lim peh was a CSM at Bravo company over at Tekong. One particular day, a chao recruit came to see me during my nap. The poor boy was crying and shaking very badly. I took him to my office and asked him what the fuck happened. He told me he suspect his platoon mate is gay and that he might have molested him. Sounds very interesting so I urged him to tell me more. Turn out that day all the chao recruits were having PT session. For the last 20 minutes, the chao recruits were ordered to pair up with each other for a series of exercises and suay suay this poor boy kena paired up with his little gay friend. Anyway  for the first execise, the recruits were to piggyback their partner across the field and back. Our gay friend for obvious reason insisted on carrying the poor boy over the two legs. The poor boy thought ‘wah free ride, dun need to sweat’ so he agreed. HONG KAN LIAO LOH. The poor boy told me that during the exercise, he felt a lot of fondling and caressing of his backside. At first he thought he was just being sensitive and ignored it but then the next exercise they did confirm his worst suspicion of his partner. For the next exercise the ‘human wheelbarrow’, the person holding the ‘wheelbarrow’ by right should use his hands to hold the legs of his partner like this.


But apparently our gay friend here has some other idea. Instead of holding his partner’s legs, our gay friend decided to hold his thighs like this.


The poor boy cry and tell me that during the exercise, he can constantly feel his cock brushing against his ass. NABEH PHUA CHEEBYE. This is not molest already, this is attempted sodomy. I immediately sent the poor boy for counselling and ordered the faggot to see me. Under lim peh intense intergoration, the faggot finally admitted that yes, he is indeed a faggot. I straight away report to my CO and our gay friend was re-classify as a 302 and reposted to Music and Drama company to join his fellow faggot friends. What I want to say is that if we allow gays in combat, then problem like this will surely happen. Complaints will go up and morale will be affected. I don’t think we should risk it because let me tell you something, a traumatised soldier is a dangerous soldier.

By the way, Encik Rahim has been giving me funny look ever since we watched the movie. Ni nabeh, lim peh is really starting to fear for my backside.

p.s: oh yah, so lim peh was reading some of the comments left behind from my previous post. LISTEN UP PUNKS. If you want to insult me, have some guts to leave behind a name so that lim peh can at least FUCK U TO YOUR FACE!

Encik Tan is current a sergeant major in the army . . . and his daughter is damn chio.


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