Cheeky’s open letter

September 1, 2004 at 10:44 am Leave a comment

Cheeky’s open letter to all librarians:

To begin with, I will like to state that there exist no personal vendetta against anyone. In fact, you guys have been doing a reasonably good job but then, there’s always rooms for improvement, lots of rooms since you are serving the public. As a regular user of the library, I will like to point out to you the following things that bugs me.

  1. Can you stop paging for your roving staff every few minutes. If by the third time, your beloved roving staff are still not to be found, they are either making out in the toilet ( they should be done by the fifth time you page for them ) or they have rove off for makan.
  2. You guys need to put a stop to all the mobile phones ringing incessantly in the library. Tell those towkays to switch their mobile phones to vibration mode and shaft it inside their pockets and tell them once someone called them, it’s the next best thing to having an orgasm. They will rush to stuff a dozen I tell you.
  3. The last item that bugs me most is also the most disturbing. Someone has been tearing pages off my beloved FHM. Not one or two, but a whole series of them. Judging from the pages he had torn, I reckon this fellow to be an old hand and knew his taste very well because the pages featuring Madonna remained intact. It is not a good feeling to be lustily flipping the pages to Kylie’s and found out later that she’s not there. My morale and libido sunk like the Titanic. I share a special affinity with FHM because no other mags make my nose bleed like it does. Therefore I hope you can investigate and nab the perpetrator who committed this audacious crime.

I look forward to the improved environment and if you ever need feedback, you can find me lurking near the FHM section at the magazine corner.

P.S. Under any circumstances, priority should always be given to item no.3.

Yours sincerely



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