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Just popped by Emily’s blog and she mentioned about crossroad. Hmm, the word seems to cling onto us when we reached a certain age. This was more evident when I went back for my reservist. My garang unit you see pestered me to go back every year without fail, sometimes twice a year to perform my sacred duty (not to defend my country lah but to pass my IPPT). During these times, me and my platoon mates will start to share stories, lobangs, gossips to pass the time (yes I know, we resembled aunties at the voiddecks). And it’s a different set of conversation we had each time we went back.
Our first reservist took place when we had just graduated. Then everyone had embarked on his career and was full of inspiration, dreams, hopes and ambitions (Donald Trump, man I can do better than that Tramp, hahahaha). We talked about careers, goals etc.
During our next reservist one year later, topics still revolved around pretty much the same things but on a milder manner.
Then on our next reservist, things started to go philosophical. I was having a chat with a mate and the conversation went something like this:

Me: wah the lesson just now damn boring man.
Mate: yup.
Me: heh, you work in a bank hor, can advice me……
Mate: have you ever stop and think about life?

Me blink my eyes

Me: huh?
Mate: you know, are you happy with your current life?

If you must know, I’m most happy if I can have a plate of nasi lemak now. I’m starving.

Mate: man, I’m sick of my job, my life.

And so the conversation changed into a philosophy lesson on Socrates, Pluto, about life and self fufilment. Feelings were poured out, tears came flowing and hugs were exchanged. No lah, just kidding, this is a military camp not Oprah ok, but you get the idea.
And it seems that many of my mates were having thoughts of embarking on something new. In fact, one of my mate, an engineer is ditching his career and flying to Canada to learn to be a chef.
So if you are still young and stuck in a crossroad, don’t hesitate, make a dash while the green man is still flashing. Like our Prime Minister said, don’t wait for tea to be served, make your own milo, kopi-o, and teh terak. Wah, feel so inspired after saying all these, must go grab a plate of nasi lemak to eat.


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