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You guys know the comic strip ‘peanuts’ right. Well I have a re-acquaintance with it recently. Back when I was a kid,  ‘peanuts’ to me was a bore. The jokes were so lame and it didn’t cracked me up like the rest. I always skipped it when I read the comic section. However, its appeal start to rub on me now that I’m an adult. I don’t really know the reasons, you just get a nice feeling reading it. Maybe ‘peanuts’ is meant to be read by adults after all because it brings you back to your childhood seeing all these kids characters in the strips.

There’s another comic I read when I was a kid. It’s call ‘doraemon’. It’s a classic japanese comic. If you ask anyone from asia, most will probably have read or know about it. The comic is about a robot cat call doraemon’that arrived from the future and resides in a boy’s home. Now doraemon has a pouch that contains all sort of weird gadgets from the future and he and the boy ‘da xiong’ always get into all types of adventures and troubles using them. One particular episode stood out now that I recall about it. In one story, doraemon has a gadget that can help da xiong, who’s not exceptionally bright become smart. The drawback is that he’ll lose all memories he had prior to using it. Da xiong in the end decides to forsake the use of the gadget because he can’t bear to lose the memories he share with doraemon. Wah, so touching hor. It doesn’t really leave an impression on you when you read it as a kid but it takes on a whole new meaning when you are an adult. The two comics have simple plots and stories but they create a lasting appeal on people. Maybe that’s why they are called classics.


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