July 13, 2004 at 2:54 am 4 comments

An incident happened on the bus today. The bus I was on was travelling through little india when an indian foreign worker boarded the bus. Now now now, I have nothing against Indians or foreign workers whatsoever, but then this man started to scratch his balls. Frankly speaking I have no problem with this act of his. Being a man, I truly understand his predicament, when your ‘buddy’ starts to itch, you jolly well scratch it (albeit in a discreet manner lah). However the manner that this man scratched his was like he got damn bloody Big Balls the size of coconuts. Is he trying to prove something to me, why that cheeky bastard. Before everyone start to say I’m envious or jealous, let me state that yours truly is very please with his own ‘package’, thank you very much.

Dear Big Balls,
It has been an unforgetable encounter on the bus today. I was left in awe by your public display of manliness. I’m left with absolutely no doubt that you have danm big balls and i’m sure it comes with a pretty sizable family jewel. I’m sure you are proud of what you have and were eager to share your good fortune with the rest of us. But why oh why must you sniffed your hand after using it to scratch your balls?


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