Nostalgic schooling days (part 1)

July 7, 2004 at 9:51 pm 1 comment

I remember my days in my primary school ( the school no longer exist by the way ) with fond memories, well at least for the last 2 years. It was filled with fun, exicitement and canning, yup capital punishment was widely practiced at that time.

My first day in primary school was not memorable though. Being from a dialect speaking family, my english was almost none existent. Worse, my form teacher was an ‘ang mo’, my first encounter with a foreign species. I still can remember vividly his appearence, he has curly blonde hair and we addressed him as Mr Pereria. Since I can barely understand english, most of the time, I’m clueless of what’s going on around me thus I was often scolded but its ok, I didn’t understand what he was scolding anyway.

Way before the word ‘streaming’ caused our primary 4 schoolkids to shit in their pants (sometimes parents included), my school was already practising it, I believe we were the pioneer of this horrible system. We were streamed not during primary 4, no no no, we were streamed during primary one. Quiet down everyone, yes your vision are ok, we were indeed streamed in Primary 1 within the class. The student were categorized according to out learning ability. The smart one, moderate one and the stupid one were placed in group A,B and C respectively. Yours truly, due to his linguistic problems, was stucked in C for 3 whole years. To further differentiate the groups, each group was assigned a group colour and we were given colour stickers to paste on our exercise books and textbooks. We were like contestants in ‘survivor’ each with their own tribe. To top it off, the teacher had the enviable task to ‘promote’ and ‘demote’ students at his own whim and fancy throughout the school year.


Teacher: Bob, you are demoted. Go join the group of losers
Bob: Wah, why? I scored full marks for all my tests what.
Teacher: Ha ha ha, you are so naive Bob.
Bob: why are you doing this?
Teacher: Because you have the cheek to make an unflattering comment about my butt. You are so going down boy!!
Bob: NO……………

This sort of system does create an unhealthy class system and inferiority complex in students. But I was ok, like I said, I was clueless most of the time. The situation improved when I reached primary 5, where my grasp of the english language was improving. Streaming still exist according to classes and not within classes. It was during these 2 years, that I truly enjoyed my primary school days. For once I like going to school.


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  • 1. KRISTOFFER  |  September 29, 2005 at 7:03 pm


    Mr Pereria. That sounds familar. Not all primary schools have that name for a teacher back in the early 80s.
    Maybe we might be in the same school.



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