July 1, 2004 at 11:12 pm 1 comment

Taking the MRT is always interesting and a challenge. It’s such a rich source of material for making a short film. Everyday, especially during the peak hours, you will almost certainly encounter the following groups of people.

The first in line are the “Drifters”. Imagine standing behing the yellow line waiting for the train. Somewhere, somehow, when you least expected, someone will silently and slowly drift in front of you, making full use of the narrowest space between your feet and the line to mark their territory. Simply awsome man. The authorities should seriously consider recruiting them for special ops missions.

The second group are the “Rugby players”. I tell you, this group will put the kiwis and springboks to shame with their instinct and quick reaction. Expect a titanic clash everytime the train doors open. The people on the outside and those on the inside will clash and scramble like there’s no tommorrow man. Who say we don’t have world class sportsmen.

Then there’s the “Mobile Hi Fi”. This group consists mainly of teens and they have a habit of jerking up their volume on their discman to the max man. Consider the following scenerio:

Stranger: Hi (signalling to the teen)
Teen: wat fuck.
Stranger: Do you mind turning down the volume on your discman?
Teen: no lah.
Stranger: Why not?
Teen: you see that hot chick over there. i’m trying to impress her by letting her know wat i’m listening mah.
Stranger. I see. Why don’t you play some nice songs from west life or richard marx instead.
Teen: west your head lah.
Stranger: Why?
Teen: i’m trying to project an image you twag, a cool image as in LL Cool J. Listening to loser like west watever will spoilt everything man. Chicks digs guys listening to rap and heavy metal i tell you.
Stranger: I see. So what are you listening to now.
Teen: Who cares. Can you shut your fucking mouth and leave me alone. i’m getting a headache.


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  April 10, 2005 at 4:03 am

    Good one. Like the part about world class


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